Or shall I say Natasha?


Jasmine came to Vineyard with her husband the same day that Natasha Ibanov was murdered. Being married to the leader of the Sapphire Covenant can sometimes have its advantages and disadvantages.

It was Jasmine’s duty to play step in and become Natasha Ibanov. Jericho needed someone close in the House of Ibanov to help push the covenant’s agenda. Jasmine quickly went to work. She would make frequent visits to meet her husband to talk about the occurrences within the covenant as well as letting go of some of the stress of being an Ibanov with her husband.

Before long, Natasha found that she was pregnant. She was full of both distraught joy. Distress for knowing that her pregnancy could jeopardize the entire mission and the challenges they would overcome due to it. Joy for she was to birth Jericho’s son, and nothing could bring more happiness to her.

Jasmine wasn’t sure how to tell Jericho, but knew she must. Once Jericho found out about Jasmine’s pregnancy, his eyes lit up in a way that reminded Jasmine of when they first met. Jericho’s eyes lit this way because he knew this was exactly the extra push needed to really get Jasmine’s influence throughout Vineyard.

Jericho told Jasmine exactly what she needed to do: court Kartenix and claim the pregnancy to be his. This would have Jasmine as not only the right hand for the Ibanovs, but also the town’s guard! Jasmine understood, and inquired about their unborn child and Jericho’s place in its life. Jericho informed her that he could not know the child until their mission was complete.

Jasmine was torn with this. How could she knowingly replace her child’s father with a man such as Kartenix? How could she bare to love another man when her heart belongs to Jericho? She didn’t have much time to dwell on these thoughts as She had been Natasha for 80% of her time here in Vineyard. With both a child and a new husband she would have much less time to be Jasmine.

Jasmine courted Kartenix, who could not resist her unmistakable beauty and charm. He, perhaps, was the easiest challenge for Jasmine. Kartenix fell so easily into her arms that her ultimate control over his decisions was not just commonplace, but seemingly expected from the fool. Through Jasmine’s influence she had Kartenix place Tom in the Hall of Eldest, as well as the removal of some overly nosy guardsmen.

Jasmine gave birth to a handsome child. She named him Thurann after a cunning half-orc from generations past. She raised Thurann the only way she knew how, with love, nurture and began to lead him down the path of the future leader of the Sapphire Covenant.

Recently, Jasmine went to The Slums, a bar where the poor men of Vineyard put on fights for wealthy’s amusement. Of course, she was only there as it was one of Kartenix’s favorite activities. That evening The Slums was particularly full of patrons. The upper level deck had never before been so uncomfortably over seated.

During the show, Jasmine saw two brawlers that surprised her with their abilities. They were bound by a chain, yet displayed the grace of an elk as they took down opponent after opponent.

While Jasmine was admiring this duo’s skill in battle, the deck below her began to emit croaking noises. It seemed that she was the only one to take notice from her peers. Fortunately, the chained fighters also took notice to these noises and immediately concluded that the upper level would come crashing down if they didn’t do something about it.

The pair rallied the other brawlers fighting down below and organized an impromptu support for the deck, while informing the bar’s owner to evacuate the upper level. Their efforts saved the nobility of Vineyard.

Jasmine knew that these individuals fit the description of the adventurers Jericho had been waiting for. She requested a meeting of the pair, so that she could get closer to them in case Jericho needed to manipulate them during their stay in Vineyard. The two men, Morken Mindus and Yoshinori met with Jasmine (known to them as Natasha) and asked for only one thing as payment for their actions: the location of Minerva’s estate.

After showing the pair what they were looking for, Jasmine went to meet with Jericho. She told them about Morken and Yoshinori as well as their curiosity about Minerva. Jericho knew they were about to walk into something they might not be prepared for, yet needed them for his plan. With this information, Jericho started to put into motion the capture of the adventurers by the Vineyard guard.

Jasmine went back to her regular routine, as the monthly art festival was slating to begin momentarily. She prepared for this event quite extensively as Natasha’s father, Lexandr Ibanov was in charge of putting the event together.

After the festival, the duo was captured. Two others who had seemingly joined their ranks stood by them: Grimfield, formally of the Six-Fingered Cult and Sindariel, the last surviving member if the Warbringer Clan.

While the adventurers sat in Vineyard’s dungeon, Jasmine paid a visit to Adronsius in a secret room within Minerva’s estate. She informed him that his time to act had finally came. He was to escort a young Eladrin sculpture out of Minerva’s captivity and into a passage which connects to the dungeon where the heroes were held.

After completing her duty, she met up with Jericho once more. She was told by him that their plan was finally ready to be put into motion. She was to gather their son, Thurann, when the attack on Vineyard began and receive the Eldest Scroll from Tom near the Slums as he left the Hall of Eldest in order stage a defense. She then was to meet back with Jericho so that they could make their escape.

Jasmine gathered Thurann and received the Eldest Scroll from Tom. On the way to meet Jericho, Jasmine encountered a group of pillaging hobgoblins. The hobgoblins had intent on capturing Jasmine and her son. She did not wish to give put harm upon her 8-year-old, so she gave into their scheme. Jasmine knew that Jericho had a backup plan. Knowing Jericho, he may have already known this was to happen.

Jasmine was taken to Castle Rivenroar and separated from her son. She was taken to the leader of the Six-Fingered Cult, Sinruth. He told her of Jericho’s promise to him and ensured her than none of her people would be harmed as long as Jericho kept up his end of the bargain. She awaited patiently for the next event to unfold.

Jasmine heard a scuffle outside of his chamber. He went out to investigate and left Jasmine in her cell. Moments later, she heard footsteps approaching. Jasmine looked out of her cell and saw Jericho, her love approaching the door. He removed her and guided her into the next chamber.

There she saw the rest of the Sapphire Covenant standing near a portal, Sinruth face down upon the ground, and the adventurers she had met earlier looking at the covenant with glazed over eyes. She followed her husband into the portal and left Castle Rivenroar behind. Jasmine’s current whereabouts and agenda is unknown.


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