Mmmmmmmmmmm yeeees?


As the head butler of the House of Ibanov since Lexandr’s birth, Jeeves has had an important role to play within Vineyard’s most powerful family. Through his seemingly overly pompous, cocky facade, Jeeves cares deeply for the happiness of all who call themselves an Ibanov. He was hurt most deeply with the disappearance of Tanya and confused by Natasha’s recent cold and unusual behavior. Most of all, he is troubled by Lexandr. He lost his daughter near ten years ago and has not fully recovered since. This, along with his vital role with many of the politics within Vineyard and the Chronastic Assembly, ave left Lexandr with little in life to make him happy.

After the recent events within Vineyard: Minerva’s exposure, hobgoblin attack, loss of the Eldest Scroll and the known murder of Natasha, Jeeves is all that Lexandr has left. Jeeves continues to serve his master with every last ounce of strength he has. Perhaps one day, he could see Lexandr happy again.


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