Jalissa - Member of the Sapphire Covenant


Jalissa was given a very important role in the Sapphire Covenant’s plan to acquire the Eldest Journal. Jericho enlisted Jalissa to utilize her seductive prowess to infiltrate the wine cartels to access their recipes. Jalissa spent ten years of her life living in Vineyard moving through cartel after cartel climbing through their ranks through the men in charge.

Jalissa was not only to get close enough to see the recipes, but to get a chance to recreate the wine herself. It is through Jalissa’s infiltration that Jericho, under the alias of Steve, was able to create a recipe good enough to overtake the cartels’ flavor and achieve further influence within Vineyard.

Recently, during the staged attack on Vineyard, Jalissa was kidnapped by Sinruth’s minions and waits here fate within Castle Rivenroar. She was held in a room along with Thurann (Jericho and Jasmine’s son) until the 8-year-old boy was taken by Sinruth. While Jalissa shared a cell with Thurann, it was Jericho’s son who proved adept at stealing food for the pair.

The adventuring party released Jalissa from her captivity along with Adronsius. Recognizing Adronsius, Jalissa knew that Jericho had a plan. She immediately attached herself to one of the adventurers, Morken Mindus, and acted with some hysteria to keep the members from asking too many questions.

Jalissa stayed abnormally close with Morken Mindus until their confrontation with Sinruth. It was here that Jericho revealed himself and Jalissa knew the covenant would get their hands on the Eldest Journal after all. When Sinruth and the adventurers fell, Jalissa walked through a portal along with the other members of the Sapphire covenant. Her current location and agenda is unknown.


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