Unknowingly posing as the son of the guard captain, Thurann is the 8-year-old son of Jasmine and Jericho. Jericho knew that his son could be the key to Jasmine’s (posing as Natasha Ibanov) ability to cement a relationship with the captain. Although he had personal hesitation to remove his unborn child from his life, Jericho knew this was the only way to cement his extraction of the Eldest Journal.

Jericho knew he needed to begin to seed the chain of events that would have his son well taken care of until the day he could reclaim Thurann as his own. Jericho had his wife, Jasmine make advances on the guard captain Kartenix to play Jasmine’s pregnancy as his own. Jasmine courted Kartenix and the rest played out better than the Sapphire Covenant could ever have hoped. It was through Jasmine’s manipulation of Kartenix that Tom was promoted to the Hall of Eldest. Jasmine continued to push Jericho’s will throughout their 8 1/2 year relationship.

Young Thurann was mothered to be quick witted and sneaky. Jasmine laid the foundation of the skills Thurann would need once he was exposed to his true life. Jasmine knew he would one day be in position to become the new leader of the Sapphire Covenant.

Thurann was with Jasmine as she was making her way to meet with Jericho when they were both kidnapped by attacking hobgoblins. Thurann was placed in a room within Castle Rivenroar along with Jalissa. He was moved shortly after by Sinruth’s forces. A group of hobgoblins brought Thurann down to a magic circle just beyond a large room filled with mushrooms. This magic circle held Zerriksa, Jasmine sister. The hobgoblins would threaten Thurann’s life in front of Zerriksa in an effort to have her join their cause.

Thurann was left curiously behind when the Sapphire Covenant walked through a mysterious portal. He is currently being looked after by Lexandr Ibanov, who he believes to be his grandfather. Lexandr, however, was told differently by the adventuring party. Both Jericho’s reasoning for leaving his son behind and Lexandr’s for accepting Thurann are unknown.


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