Mirtala came to Vineyard ahead of the rest of Jericho’s Sapphire Covenant 15 years ago. Jericho had tasked Mirtala with the responsibility of opening the door for the rest of the covenant to infiltrate Vineyard. Her first responsibility was to find a job that could garner her connections and clout with the aristocrats within the city.

It was apparent that Mirtala needed to work at the Prancing Pony where many of those with noble blood went to unwind. Without much time wasted, Mirtala acquired a position as a server. Mirtala needed to first gather intelligence and report her findings to Jericho so that he may formulate plan.

Mirtala was able to get close with Tanya Ibanov, as she frequented the tavern and desperately needed a friend. They held many conversations and developed a string friendship within the first year. Tanya let out that she was to inherit the Ibanov Empire should her father Lexandr pass. This was the find Mirtala was looking for.

Mirtala met up with Jericho outside of Vineyard and delivered her findings. This gave Jericho the inspiration her needed, turn Tanya against her sister Natasha. As many siblings, Natasha and Tanya had quite a bit of an already existing rivalry. However, it was mostly innocent. Jericho needed Mirtala to escalate their distrust and hatred.

Lucky for Mirtala, Natasha would become excessively vocal about Tanya when she would have a few drinks. Mirtala would listen to Natasha’s ramblings and took note to embellish them when relaying them to Tanya. After countless exchanges between the two sisters, Mirtala was able to convince Tanya that Natasha looked to find her into the Ibanov inheritance by any means necessary.

Mirtala and Tanya together came up with a plan to dispose of Natasha. Tanya was convinced that this was a necessary course to save her own life. The day set was five years after Mirtala’s arrival; the same as Jasmine and Jericho’s arrival in Vineyard. After the deed was done, Tanya was filled with such incredible amounts of guilt for her actions that she fled the city. Mirtala told her about a smuggling ring near by that could help her get her feet on the ground.

More recently, Mirtala continued her role as an information gatherer and delivered her findings to Jericho. Her next discovery would spring forward the Sapphire Covenant’s plan into action. Once the adventuring party of Evilyn, Grimfield, Morkin, Sindariel, and Yoshinori ended exposed Minerva’s sinister actions, Lexandr Ibanov met up with some individuals in the Prancing Pony. They were members of the council. During this meeting, Mirtala was able to realize that the Chronastic Assembly noticed that the events written in the Eldest Journal were beginning to unfold.

Mirtala exposed this to Jericho, who knew this was the sign needed to execute his plan. Minerva was told to stay on watch at the Prancing Pony while the attack on Vineyard began. After the attack the adventuring party entered the Pony and began asking questions about Natasha’s (Read: Jasmine) whereabouts. She did some further investigation and overhearing in regards to Natasha’s location.

After putting the puzzle pieces together, she met up with Jericho once again. Jericho tasked Mirtala to go to Castle Rivenroar ans scout the area and figure out what was Sinruth’s agenda. She managed to get in with little resistance, but was quickly discovered and locked away within the castle. The room Sinruth’s minions decided to place her in was home to some Dire Rats. The rats were most welcome to the idea of a fresh meal. Mirtala contracted filth fever and became almost catatonic with fear before her rescue.

As the rest of the Sapphire Covenant, Mirtala made it into a portal after Sinruth’s defeat. Her current condition, location, or agenda are unknown.


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