Six-Fingered Cult


Sinruth, the leader of the Six-Fingered Cult was recently approached by a man named Jericho. This man posed a proposition that was very enticing for Sinruth: stage an attack on a nearby city, Vineyard. In exchange, Sinruth would be granted the location of the Towers of Creation: the Dreamgate, the Prison, the Watchtower and the Void.

Without true knowledge of why Jericho wanted Vineyard attacked, Sinruth anxiously agreed to this offer. He knew of the immeasurable power the towers held and wanted them for his own. Of course, the Six-Fingered Cult’s leader was no fool and he needed a bit of insurance that Jericho would grant him the agreed upon information after the deed was done.

To claim his insurance, Sinruth utilized one of the members of the cult for reconnaissance. Through this individual, Sinruth learned of some individuals who held importance to Jericho as well as what he was after, the Eldest Journal. Sinruth knew what to do, capture these people and hold them until Jericho released the location of the Towers of Creation.

Sinruth had his minions pillage Vineyard while capturing Jasmine (Read: Natasha), Jalissa, Tom, Thurann, Zerriksa and Kartenix as well as the journal. Not long after the assault, it was reported to Sinruth that a women was caught snooping around his Castle (Mirtala). Sinruth ordered her to be placed in a special room.

Shortly thereafter, the party arrived at Castle Rivenroar looking for these lost people, primarily the women they believed to be Natasha Ibanov (Jasmine). After a vigorously challenging trek through Sinruth’s castle unknowingly releasing all of the members of the Sapphire Covenant, the party finally was able to confront Sinruth in his quarters. Sinruth looked to have the upper hand. Posing as Steve, Jericho came through a window and began to support the party. His guidance was the key to Sinruth’s defeat.

Unfortunately, for both the party and Sinruth, Jericho had never intended to deliver his end of the bargain to either sides. He was after the Eldest Journal all along. After putting an end to Sinruth, the members of the Sapphire Covenant walked through a portal with the journal.


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