Germaine was enjoying an afternoon under the cool shade of an apple tree when his belly began to grumble. He saw a bright, juicy red apple just above his head and knew that he must have it. Germaine raised his head and tried his best to grab hold of the apple, but it was out of his reach. Desperately wanting to taste the sweet crunch of the apple, Germaine raised his front hooves into the air to get a just that much higher and reach the apple. Still, this was not good enough.

Germaine looked at the apple and thought to himself, you’ll not get away from me that easily, little morsel. Then, as the adventuring party looks on, Germaine gingerly raises one of his rear hooves to place it against the trunk, and then the other.. He walked the trunk as if he were walking on the ground. The donkey was then standing on the trunk, sideways. Seemingly, not even gravity could keep Germaine from this delicious red apple. He continued along the branch of the tall apple tree, completely upside down, and pranced along with the apple in his sights. Germaine finally reached his prize and took a large bite. This was definitely worth it he thought to himself.

You see, Germaine is no ordinary donkey. Not only can he apparently defy mother nature herself, but he also can understand common speak. There may be other tricks to this ass, however he has certainly not made them known.

After claiming his apple, Germaine walked his way back to the ground, where he saw five adventurers looking at him with great admiration and awe. It was them, those that would shape the future. Germaine has been waiting quite some time to meet these folks. He sat by as the party approached him and asked him all kinds of questions. How do they expect a donkey to talk? he thought to himself as the party was seemingly bewildered at the fact that he stayed silent. I’ll follow them for now. I think I need to be there for their decisions. They’ll certainly need a kick in the right direction from time to time.


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