For the past ten years, Tom has worked for the Vineyard town guard. His agenda was infiltrate the higher ranks of the guard. As a member of the Sapphire Covenant, Tom knew that he needed to get as high as possible to insure their agenda was completed. Tom had no issues framing other members of the town guard for crimes and indecencies while taking all of the credit for their capture. With the help of Jasmine, he quickly rose to the position he needed: Castellan of the Hall of Eldest.

As Castellan, Tom kept a close eye on the Eldest Scroll until Jericho sent someone to claim it for the covenant. Recently an adventuring party formed within Vineyard and the whole of its people where effected by their actions. Jericho and Tom met one another to conjure a plan where they could take advantage of this turn of events to take control of the tome ahead of schedule.

The party needed to be set captive within Vineyard’s prison so that they could infiltrate Minerva’s estate and expose her scheme to the whole of Vineyard. It was up to Tom to ensure that the party would end up locked up. After a scuffle with Lexandr Ibanov, Tom led a team of guardsmen in capturing the adventurers.

Once the group exposed Minerva and Jericho put into motion the attack on Vineyard, Tom was told his role. He was to had off the Eldest Journal to Jasmine (posing as Natasha) on his way to “defend” Vineyard from the attacking hobgoblins. Tom was successful in his exchange. However, during his mock defense, the attacking hobgoblins didn’t play fair. They ganged up on Tom and took him away to Castle Rivenroar.

Once Tom was rescued by the party, he played the role of a strong sword and assisted them through the castle. When the confrontation with Sinruth took place, Tom took his position along with Adronsius and the others while they waited for Jericho to make his appearance. Once Sinruth and the party were put down Tom walked through a portal along with the rest of the Sapphire Covenant. Tom’s current whereabouts and agenda are unknown.


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