Tirion Blackhorn


Tirion Blackhorn is a 12-year-old tiefling ne’er-do-well is. His family lived of the land for their entire stay in Maiden’s Rest. Recently, Tirion’s family was tired of dealing with the smuggler’s stranglehold on the town. They thought it would be best to resist the smuggler’s attempts at skimming the profits from the produce the family would sell across the sea.

This bravery ultimately cost Tirion’s parents their lives. Tirion was left without a home, and a powerful smuggler’s guild that would insure that no business would give him work. Fortunately, Father Salazar Faringray noticed the boy’s situation and took him into his temple. Tirion has spent the last few months doing odds and end for the father while learning much of the way of the monks of Sehanine.

Recently Father Faringray had Tirion deliver a letter to a band of adventurers who recently came into Maiden’s Rest. After making the delivery, one of the party, Yoshinori gave Tirion a generous 20 gold tip for his efforts. Pleased and excited to receive such a wealth from one small task, Tirion made his way to get himself a well deserved apple pie.

Tirion Blackhorn

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