Thurann (Half-Orc)


Thurann was a half-orc inquisitive. He ran a detective agency in Sharn, called Investigative Services, at the corners of Glaive and Pike Streets in the Warden Towers district of Middle Menthis.

Thurann is famous for solving the Shauranna Rokesko kidnapping and for the renowned Blackfeather case, which involved the capture of the serial killer, Aldem ir’Shorem. However, as came to be known later in his life, Thurann actually was both the kidnapper and the serial killer. He used his detective service as a cover for his malicious acts.

Thurann was one of the original members of the Sapphire Covenant. This organization was created near 100 years ago, when a a journal was discovered. This journal would have written within its pages the actions and events which would bring forth the end of the world. It was known as the Eldest Journal.

Thurann was one day hunted down and captured by the Chronastic Assembly, back when they had far greater members and was put to death. His accomplishments during his membership in the covenant are unrecorded.

Thurann (Half-Orc)

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