Angus Greedily


Proprietor of the most successful entertainment [[The Slums | establishment]] in [[Vineyard | Vineyard]], Angus has quickly become one of the most influential nobles in town. Years ago, Angus found himself quite bored of the long nights of gossip at the [[Prancing Pony | Prancing Pony]] (the only form of late night entertainment in Vineyard, at least for the nobles) when he dreamt up the idea that would one shortly become The Slums.

Angus put his entire fortune on the line refurbishing an old art hall into his new entertainment expo. The cost of the magical degradation of the building alone was paramount, not to mention creating a lavish kitchen suitable for Vineyard’s finest.

Success came quickly for Angus as he seemingly wasn’t the only aristocrat bored with the consecutive evenings at the Pony. Opening night, the Slums was packed with patrons ready for a good night. Angus delivered beyond expectations and they kept coming back.


Angus Greedily

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