Arnold Zep


Arnold Zep is a simple farm boy who got a job with the Ibanovs. Since the age of eight, Arnold has grown quite used hauling works of art back and forth for the art show in Vineyard. The whole affair was quite engrossing to his artfully trained eye.

You see, Arnold would spend every free moment of his day on the canvas. He had a hauntingly beautiful art style that most of the farming community was proud to accept had come from “one of them.”

Shortly before the latest art show, Arnold was enticed to enter a portrait into the show by a young lady whom he had eyes for, Kristina. She, like him, worked on a farm and after work would watch with great interest Arnold brushing away on his canvas. Arnold was inspired, and he chose to capture the spirit of Vineyard, the only way he truly knew it: shantytown’s perspective.

Arnold ran into the perfect subjects amongst what he believed to be the most fine backdrop for his latest piece, two adventurers in the pathway to the central district. Arnold asked the two if they could strike a magnificent pose that he could traverse into art. They did, and out came a painting that looked quite unlike the duo, yet managed to capture their very essence within that precise moment. It was truly a work to behold. Arnold knew this would be the piece that could win the show.

Arnold bid the two farewell and made his way to enter his piece into the Grand Art Show. Along the way, he was struck and woke up in a dungeon-like room filled with fifteen other faces, all working diligently on an art piece. As he asked around, he found out that Minerva had captured him and that it would be fate to fuel her future entries in the show.

After a few days in the dungeon, a group of adventurers surprised the entire group as they strolled into the holding facility. Immediately, Arnold was able to recognize two of this five person party. They were the same duo that had posed for his entry in the show, Morken Mindus and Yoshinori. Arnold quickly filled the min on what was happening within the estate.

The party formulated a plan to put an end to Minerva’s games and free the slaved artists. A short while later, Arnold was freed along with his other new friends. Arnold is still painting at home with Kristina watching his every stroke.

Arnold Zep

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