Calmwood Pass


A long stretch of road that leads safely from Maiden’s Rest to Mindus Tower. Contrary to its name, over the history of Maiden’s Rest, Calmwood Pass has been anything but calm. This narrow passage covered by a dense forest on either side has been the last line of defense for the stout port community against the monstrosities which call Cloak Wood, Ogrefist Hills and the Witchlit Fens home.

Throughout Maiden’s Rest’s history, the goblins of the Witchlit Fens have staged attacks to the settlement. Being expert merchants and not much else, the people of Maiden’s Rest had a difficult time defending themselves. Fortunately for the port, they often traded with the people of the eastern continent, Shan’jin, home of expertly taught warriors. The people of Maiden’s Rest negotiated the Shan’jin port of Ling’hurak and received warriors to help defend the town.

Some 40 years back, a warrior, Mindus, was the protector of Maiden’s Rest. He and his wife, Elegance built a tower at the end of Calmwood pass to call home. It was here that the goblins joined forces with the hill giants and staged the single greatest attack in Maiden’s Rest’s history.

At the tower, the widower called forth a spectacular magical blast in the midst of the battle. This blast defended Maiden’s Rest one final time, and the walk of Calmwood Pass once again became calm. The hero, Mindus was not heard from after his defense and a statue was resurrected in his honor in a clearing down the pass.

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Calmwood Pass

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