Critical Miss


On an attack roll, should the d20 roll land on the forsaken 1, we find ourselves in a critical miss situation! We’re going to use the following table to determine the outcome of the critical miss. As always, I reserve the right to change this table at any time with no notice, as well as deliver whatever consequence I see fit at the time of the above mentioned attack roll.

01-10 Automatic Miss.
11-20 Your blade slips from your grip, your attack misses, -2 to hit next round.
21-30 You temporarily are off-balanced and your attack misses.
31-40 A speck of dust gets in your eye and you miss, -1 to hit next round and you grant combat advantage until the start of your next turn.
41-50 You get a splinter in your hand and you miss automatically, -1 to hit next round.
51-60 You briefly forget your combat training and your attack misses—all enemies receive a +1 on their attack rolls made against you until the start of your next turn.
61-70 You slip on some blood on the floor and your attack misses—automatic recovery, but -4 to hit next round.
71-80 An ally distracts you and your attack misses—you grant combat advantage until the start of your next turn.
81-90 Your opponent dodges out of the way and you miss—target has the option to shift one square.
91-99 Automatic Miss.
00 Roll twice on the table above.

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Critical Miss

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