Dragon's Ward

The isolated monastery known as the Dragon’s Ward houses a modestly-sized library, but it is also supposedly guarded by a great dragon. It lies on an isolated bit of land between Raghnal and The Blue. The only means of passage to the Dragon’s Ward is a stone bridge in the shape of a dragon with its tail facing the monastery and its head facing the mainland of Nava to greet visitors.

Dragon’s Ward is one of the oldest establishments still standing. The library, though not especially large, contains some books which are thousands of years old. It is a veritable treasure trove of lost knowledge to those who would seek it, though many of the languages used in the oldest tomes are lost to history.

The monks are dedicated to the pursuit of enlightenment. Every thirty years, a group is sent out to collect contemporary books for the library and seek new members for the monastery. They travel across the world seeking out everything from storybooks to textbooks and bring them back. Most of the harvest will end up thrown over the cliffs into the gulf below; typically only one or two books are deemed fit to be added to the collection, and some years they are all discarded.

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Dragon's Ward

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