Hero Points

Time to break out of the rigid constraints of your powers and truly become heroic! This is a rule that will let you break the rules!!

The Premise:

If you want to do something that fits the general theme of what your character should be able to do then spend a Hero Point and one of your Healing Surges (to represent the effort of doing something extraordinary) and you can do it.

If your Cleric of Moradin wants to call upon the god of the mountains to cause a section of the cave to crumble down and block the pursuing Drow, spend a Hero Point and a Healing Surge and you can do it. If your Ranger wants to shoot away the supports on the rope bridge and send the Orcs tumbling to their doom, spend a Hero Point and a Healing Surge and let fly! If your Fighter wants to call upon every ounce of his strength to lift the boulder off of the trapped child, spend a Hero Point and a Healing Surge and you’re a hero. If the Wizard wants to use his magic to animate a statue and have it attack on behalf of the party, Hero Point and Healing Surge and he’s in business.

The Control:

Now certainly this is going to require a bit of adjudication by yours truly. The animated statue may not last very long or may not do a lot of damage but I’m willing to let you do it if that’s important to you. That’s what I’m there for as the DM, I adjudicate stuff! So long as you understand that I don’t really want to haggle about this, I think we’ll be okay. You want to do something amazing, I’ll consider whether that seems reasonable and fun and let you know if it’s doable. Simple as that.

Getting Hero Points:

Hero Points are randomly distributed every time you encounter a Milestone. Hero Points expire similarly to Action Points, they reset after an extended rest. Unlike Action Points, Hero Points reset to zero after this rest.

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Hero Points

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