Magic Item


Excerpt from the D&D 4E PH:

(All changes noted in red italics)

A magic item’s daily power can be used once per day and is renewed when its user takes an extended rest or succeeds on its recharge. As with daily powers provided to you by your class, there is a limit to the number of magic item daily powers you can use on any given day (outside of recharge). This limit depends on your level.

  • 1st – 10th level: One magic item daily power per day.
  • 11th – 20th level: Two magic item daily powers per day.
  • 21st – 30th level: Three magic item powers per day.

Each use of a magic item daily power must come from a different magic item. Each time you ‘win’ an encounter, you gain an additional use of a magic item daily power. This benefit can be used to activate any magic item daily power you have not already used this day (even if you’ve already used a different daily power from that magic item).

After you take an extended rest, all of your magic item daily powers are removed, and you start fresh with regard to the number of magic item daily powers you can use per day.

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