Maiden's Rest


On the northeastern coasts, a small town named Maiden’s Rest operates a small, but successful port.

The town is named for a statue found on a rocky outcropping of a mountain overlooking the town and abutting the sea. There are many a legend that began in this town. The most eventful tale lies with the warrior hero, Mindus defended Maiden’s Rest from his Tower against an attack led by goblins who joined forces with a clan of ogres and a giant. It’s most passionate legend ties to the namesake of the town. A tale of a Maiden who would not accept that her son would not return from an overseas expedition.

Converse to the legendary tales heroism and devotion of which Maiden’s Rest presides its legacy, the port town is littered with corruption. The town is now overrun with the antics of a smuggling ring as well as a thieves guild. The gods have turned their backs on this once blessed port.

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Maiden's Rest

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