Ogrefist Hills


Due north of Maiden’s Rest are the Ogrefist Hills, primarily home to hill giants, a small community of half-orcs and a clan of ogres.

The hill giants in this area have mostly kept to themselves over the years, but did join the goblins during the historic battle at Mindus Tower for unknown reasons. After the attack, these giants have seemingly gone back to their homes and have left the land in piece.

The half-orc community is located atop a 900 foot hill in the central most region of Ogrefist. They do little trading with the nearby settlements of Hammerfast, Maiden’s Rest and Vineyard, but have been known to show up from time to time seeking trade. The half-orcs are a mostly nomadic tribe and tend to live off the land. Their lack of communication with the civilized world leaves little knowledge of their community to the common man.

A clan of ogres calls the far north region of Ogrefist home. Along with the previously mentioned hill giants, this clan was also convinced to aid the goblin cause against Maiden’s Rest at the battle of Mindus Tower. It is believed that this clan was all but wiped out during the failed assault, as no word has been told in regards to this communities activities since the attack.

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Ogrefist Hills

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