Raijin University


From the outside looking in, Raijin is just the same as any other university on Circa. It has a lush campus that is filled with young men and women who are seeking an advanced education. Its professors are of the highest caliber and have a tremendous experience in their respective fields.

However, unlike the other universities that speckle the globe, Raijin teaches its students how to be heroes. In the world of Circa, there have always been many villainous organizations and corrupt leaders which have a stranglehold on the hard working people. Dean Thoth had a solution, and that solution was the formation of Raijin over 100 years ago.

Throughout the years, even though its professors and dean have the sole agenda of producing capable heroes, they have also produced some dangerous villains. The most notable being Thurann the half-orc of the Sapphire Covenant. Because of this, even if someone would like to make a difference and learn the way of a hero, they may not get a shot to learn at Raijin as the only method of entrance is invitation. Through a thorough screening process, Raijin has been able to keep potential heroes within its doors.

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Raijin University

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