The towers of Rakugan pierce the sky like daggers of steel and stone, visible for miles and miles in every direction.

Rakugan was the greatest of the Motori metropolises, and the only one still functional. Though the Motori have long since left this world, their metatons still watch over and maintain Rakugan.

Some fools have tried to claim Rakugan as their own, but their folly always meets the same grisly end. The reapers, as cold and emotionless as the city itself, still enforce the laws and rule of their departed masters and will suffer no uprisings. A single reaper, it is said, can take out an entire unit of trained soldiers, and Rakugan has many, many reapers.

The city’s gates are open to any who wish to come, and the impossibility of setting up any sort of government has turned Rakugan into a city of squatters. They must obey the laws set in place by the Motori, but otherwise are left to their own devices. Depending on one’s point of view, it’s either an anarchist paradise or an anarchist hell.

The city is quite self-sufficient even without the Motori there to maintain it. Scarabs crawl up and down, fearlessly scaling the dizzying heights to make sure everything is kept in good condition. The constant presence of the reapers throughout the city ensures that order of a sort is maintained. The reapers are intelligent enough to recognize, and stop, most overt forms of crime (especially violence), but are of little use in contract disputes and the like.

The only area of Rakugan off limits to the squatters is the metaton hive, where scarabs, reapers and the other metatons are created and maintained. This is also the home to the most intelligent of the metatons, the Queen, which oversees all the rest. Unlike other metatons, it is a genuinely intelligent being, but it is still utterly loyal to the Motori.

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