Sapphire Covenant

The story goes that thousands of years ago, some of the greatest magical talents from across the world banded together to form The Sapphire Guard. Their mission was to protect and shepherd the world through domination, and they very nearly achieved it through a relic known only as the Eldest Journal. The guard was only defeated when an ancient god of magic– taxed already by the heavy and concentrated powers invoked by The Sapphire Guard– was slain. Immediately, all magic left the world, and it would be centuries before it returned. The Sapphire Guard was defeated, but the price was a heavy one.

Not all of the guard was destroyed, though; the few survivors met together at a secret rallying point. How many were in attendance varies wildly by who’s telling the story, from anywhere as few as two to as many as several hundred. They had lost their magic, but they had not lost their ambition, and they still sought to control the entire world.

A new pact was formed. Under the new pact, the survivors of The Sapphire Guard would split up and each take on an apprentice. They would propagate their lines in secret, and each line would always consist of exactly one master and exactly one apprentice. Part of the pact requires each line to actively hunt down and assassinate each other, both to enforce the veil of secrecy and to ensure only the strongest survive.

The survivors had gained their power through determination, and that determination also remained with them. As much effort as they had given to the study of the arcane arts, they now poured into study of the blade. In time, they and their apprentices would become some of the greatest fighters history had ever known. When magic returned to the world, the remaining lines was quick to adopt it. Now, they are known both for their formidable prowess in magic and in swordsmanship.

One line learned of the rediscovery of the Eldest Journal by The Chronastic Assembly approximately 100 years ago. This line wished to recapture the spirit of the original guard and united the remaining lines through the banner of the Sapphire Covenant.

Generations have passed, each teaching the next the ways of the covenant. Ten years ago, under their new leader, Jericho, the Sapphire Covenant began to lay the foundation needed to finally reacquire the Eldest Journal.

After their successful acquisition of the journal, the covenants current agenda and location are unknown.

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