The Greenmarket

It is found where it is needed and disappears with the breeze

The Greenmarket is a place of succor and wonders, appearing to weary travelers to give them much-needed respite and offer them fantastic goods. Those wandering in the wilderness first hear the sounds of music and merrymaking, and following them quickly discover the lights of the Greenmarket.

The Greenmarket appears to be a small, but very busy, marketplace, and changes nature depending on where it is found. In the desert, for example, it appears to be a bazaar centered around an oasis, while on a mountain pass it might appear to be a dwarven caravan which has made camp for the night. There are only two constants; the Greenmarket is only found at night and disappears at dawn, and it is never found in the same place twice.

The people in the Greenmarket are friendly and jubilant. Musicians play festive music, colored lights illuminate everything in a romantic haze, and vendors hawk their bizarre wares. Coin is not accepted in the Greenmarket, however; the goods you might purchase there have an altogether different price. That pretty flower which changes colors based on your mood may cost you all your memories before you were three, while the cat-sized, two-headed elephant may cost you your ability to whistle.

The Greenmarket always has some kind of hospitality, such as an inn, which is free to travelers. However, when they awake in the morning, everything has disappeared.

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The Greenmarket

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