The Maiden Statue

She lights up a candle for hope to be found

Captive and blind by the darkness around

Firm as a mountain, she will mourn

Timeless, she waits for the break of dawn

-The Maiden’s Hymn

The statue is of an amazingly-lifelike maiden carrying a candle, and legend holds that it was once a woman who was once widowed, failed to accept that her son would not return home.

For many years after her son failed to return home from an overseas expedition, every night she would walk up to the outcropping an light a candle so that he might find his way home.

She did this until she died, and the gods took pity upon her. They rewarded her vigilance by turning her into a statue, and now every night after the sun sets and the stars come out, the stony candle held in the statue’s hands ignites into a brilliant light visible for miles around.

The Maiden herself has become a symbol of devotion, dedication and love. Now the statue also serves as a tourist attraction. It stands in the center of a ring of dirt, serving as a clear demarcation against the grass. Anyone or anything which crosses this threshold simply disappears, which has certainly saved the statue from vandalism over the many years.

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The Maiden Statue

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