The Old Fort


The Old Fort on Weston Hill is nothing particularly interesting or unusual. It stands vigil over the countrysides Southwest of Vineyard, sort of like a gargoyle on a ledge warding against evil spirits. Like a gargoyle statue, though, the old fort is nothing but a symbol. It was abandoned before construction was fully complete seventy-five years earlier.

The fort was almost completed. In fact, the only construction left to be done was in the tower crowning the barracks, and even that was mostly completed. The fort consists of the aforementioned barracks, a smithy, stables, church, mess hall and kitchen, all surrounded by a tall wall with a single entrance. win portcullises block the entrance.

The reason the fort was abandoned is a matter of speculation. The official story is that the commander was a traitor to Vineyard and wanted to claim the fort as his own dominion. The man’s second in command, the nephew of Lexandr Ibanov’s grandfather, successfully lead a mutiny against the commander and his men. In the end, only seven people survived, including the smith and the nephew. He convinced Ibanov that it was a fool’s errand to waste any more resources on the fort, and that’s the end of that.

Most of the survivors disappeared or died under mysterious circumstances in the following months. Some claim that it was a curse, others say it was Ibanov’s nephew trying to cover up what really happened.

Currently, a smuggling ring led by Bill base their operations out of the fort. They are seemingly safe from any “Dudley Do-Rights” looking to end their order of commerce as the old tale of The Old fort still rings through many heads.

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The Old Fort

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