The Slums


Located in Vineyard, The Slums is a unique location. At first glance, it certainly appears to live up to its name; the building looks rundown, more than one window is boarded up, and it is covered in graffiti.

Things start to fail a bit upon closer inspection, though. The boards nailed to the window are too well-maintained; the paint too perfectly cracked. Even the graffiti seems less edgy, using clever half-curses to avoid outright obscenities one would expect to find. Perhaps most damning of all – The Slums is located centrally in one of the more affluent quarters of Vineyard.

The Slums is actually something of a dinner theater. Wealthy patrons pay for the privilege of seeing a vicious bar-fight three time a night. The proprietor, Angus Greedily, allows anyone to eat and drink for free in the central area as long as they get involved when the fight breaks out. They’re given cheap food, and much of it ends up getting wasted over the course of the brawl, but many beggars of Vineyard gladly participate.

The actual customers are allowed to sit on the second floor, giving them a fine vantage point of the fight and much-needed distance to protect them. Angus hires several bouncers to guard the staircase, preventing the riff-raff below from trying to get upstairs. The food upstairs is some of the best you can find in the city.

The lower portion of the tavern is set up to encourage a good fight. There are several low-hanging chandeliers, stacks of (empty) crates and barrels, lots of wooden mugs and dishes as well as a nearby fireplace with tools to boot. Angus makes a point to buy the most shoddily-crafted furniture he can for the first floor, not just because he has to replace them so often, but also because they tend to break apart more spectacularly when used as weapons.

Some of the wealthy diners will drop a bit of coin to the floor below, to bring the fight closer to them. It is also not uncommon for particularly entertaining participants to be given tips and gifts from the customers. Angus even pays a few people who have proven both to be wily and entertaining combatants, to be good at getting a fight started.

After a recent brawl, The Slums wear and tear began to show. The upper seating area began to buckle during a show. If not for two adventurers, The Slums could have been responsible for the death or injury of many of Vineyard’s finest citizens. The Slums is currently closed as Angus addresses this issue.

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The Slums

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