The Towers of Creation

It is said that the Towers of Creation are located where the barriers between this world and the divine world are weakest. It is unclear whether the towers are guided by the gods, by fate, or by some other power; but it is clear that they are part of something’s plan… maybe even their own.

At any given time, each tower has a single custodian. The custodian is someone who has completed some significant task, whether aspiring towards custodianship or not. At first, many feel that they have earned the privilege, but they quickly realize that it was the tower which chose them and not the other way around. The custodian of a tower is the only one who can call upon its power. Each tower grants different powers, but all custodians have the ability to travel to their tower and return from whence they came. It is unclear how many towers there are; it may be a handful, it may be dozens, it may even be limitless. None can know for sure.

Custodians often find themselves working together through what seems like sheer circumstance; those who have been in the service of the towers long enough know that there truly is no such thing, though. It is all part of towers’ plans. Perhaps even more frequently than the companionship, though, custodians find themselves opposing one another. For some unknown reason, no custodians powers will directly affect another, though it is certainly possible to do so indirectly with clever planning.

Tales and legends have made reference to the following towers:

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The Towers of Creation

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