There was once a great hero in the land of Nava, a paladin known as Sir Javelin. Early in his career, Sir Javelin was trusted with a vile artifact known as the Narpa Blade. So great was Sir Javelin’s piety, that he was able to turn the Narpa Blade from evil into a vanguard of good. The paladin had the blade smithed onto a javelin and renamed the weapon the Glorious Javelin.

Many years later, when he had to start thinking of such things, Sir Javelin decided that he could not entrust the Glorious Javelin to anyone, for the forces of evil had hounded him since he first received it. They wanted it back, and they wanted to redeem its foul past.

After communing with Bahamut, Sir Javelin thrust the blade into the stump of an oak tree cut down long ago. In but three years the stump regrew to its former majesty, and the Glorious Javelin was trapped permanently inside the tree.

Today, the majestic kingdom of Valorvale’s self named capitol finds its center around that tree. Each year, the tree produces a few golden acorns which heal those who eat from them. Some in the capitol would monetize the nuts, but its jealously guarded and only given to those who live there. The caretaker of the tree is the guard captain Locke Nailo, a surprisingly fit old man in his late nineties. Locke is also the only one in the Valorvale who know the tree’s history, a secret passed down from captain to captain.

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