Vineyard is known as the Center of All Culture. or centuries it has been the home of high art. The House of Ibanov, the greatest art gallery in the world, calls Vineyard home, as well as dozens of other smaller galleries catering to every taste and whim imaginable.

The only true industry in Vineyard is the manufacture of wine. Most of the vintners belong to one of two competing cartels: Moutron and Kelpsierse. All told there are around twenty vineyards which produce approximately seventy different varieties of wine. The wonderful variety of wines is what originally attracted the wealthy and cultured to Vineyard, and the arts followed.

The center district of Vineyard is densely packed with upscale buildings. Inns, restaurants, and more all cater to the fabulously wealthy. Most of the inns provide modest servants quarters adjoined to their guest quarters. The city’s workers mostly live in a shantytown along the western edge of the city.

Of all Vineyard’s many attractions, the greatest by far is the Grand Art Show held each month in the town square. Here, artists from all over the world compete to have their paintings, sculptures, and even songs recognized. Those who win acclaim at the show are showered with money, gifts, consorts and even land and noble titles.

For the past ten months, the Grand Art Show has had but one victor in each of the areas of contest. Her name is Minerva. She has shown a unique ability to offer works of varying style and inspiration. Through her winnings, Minerva has perhaps become the single most recognized artist in the known world.

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