Witchlit Fens


The home of a goblin community that has plagued Nava over the years, The Fens are very low-lying compared with the surrounding chalk and limestone “uplands” that surround them, in most places no more than 10m above sea level. The Fens are liable to periodic flooding, particularly in winter due to the heavy load of water flowing down from the uplands and overflowing the rivers. Some areas of the fens are permanently flooded, creating small lakes or “meres”, while others only flood during periods of high water.

Not much is known about the exact layout of this land, nor what the goblins’ agenda has been over the past century. However, all of the good people of Nava are well aware that the goblin horde begins each and every attack on the main land (most of which focused primarily at the port community of Maiden’s Rest ) from the Witchlit Fens.

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Witchlit Fens

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